Turquoise, or how to travel to a picturesque Istanbul café through music only

Could you imagine where the East and the West would come together?

There are several spots, depends on how far away you are from the Sun… One of them is color turquoise.

Turkey. There’s a legend, even, that the name came to be from the color itself.

Traveling on the rhythm of Jamaican reggae, through not only a classic rhythm section of drum and bass, but darbuka as well, you end up in an Istanbul café, burnt by various clarinet and kanun improvisations, and you have – the definition of World Music. Let the velvet vocals and lyrics in Macedonian and Turkish lead you on a journey, through Istanbul, to the south of Turkey, and show you the color of dolphins, sadness and the sea.

Mavi benim, hayat deniz gibidir (Mine blue, life is like sea).

We hope you fall in love with it, as much as we did:


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Sweet scent of hyacinth, entrances me this night in Istanbul

By the waves twinkles Üsküdar, the throne is Maiden’s Tower 

My blue, turquoise is my heart

It melted my soul, it forged you into me

Dolphin… Sky… Sea… Lust… Sadness… Free spirit…

Sea wave…  Joy… Star… Dream… Song… Moonlight… Sunset…

In the moonlight is Istiklal, of Beyoğlu’s necklace

Heavenly Stone Istanbul, seven colors at maidan. 

My blue, with thou I dream

With thine seven throats, with thou I sing songs

From Fethiye to my valley, like a butterfly

beauty surrounds us, and all my love

My blue, life is like the sea

my world is blue, my soul I will give you

I fall asleep on butterflies, the sky is my blanket

I dance with blue dolphins, with the sea I make love

My blue, from thine is my soul

my world is turquoise, and so is all my love

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