Ours and Gjorgje’s art gets over 30.000 views – all is right in the world.

Do these 31.000 views count in a world where gossip videos get millions of them? Maybe not, but in the world of arts and music? Definitely.

Here’s to a time when we got together with Gjorgje Jovanovik and created visuals for a very important song. We’re so thankful to have been able to do this and to him, we are eternally grateful.

It was amazing. The result turned out to be amazing too.


Dedicated to artists, who produce artwork with their own hands – without the help of machines.

The details:

Official video for Baklava’ s song PSALM, from their album “Kalemar” (Grafter), published by Skopje Jazz Festival 2008, Republic of Macedonia.
Paintings by Gjorgje Jovanovik
Directed by Sibo

Lyrics, English and Macedonian below:

Psalm (music: E. Hristova, lyrics: V. Martinovski, verse translation: M.Damjanoski) Blessed is the voice that fills the air
Bearer of tidings of days gone by
Blessed is this never-ending lay,
Forever born of pipes and poets
The sleepy nightingales sing their sweet song
The Psalms echoed by a multitude of strings
The cymbals rumble like thunder from the sky
The rain barely whispers its sighs
Through the leaves that make up its gentle quire,
A melody that thrills every fiber
Of the body filled with mirth,
All rejoicing in the verses’ new birth.

Аирлија благ глас по зракот плови
Аабер ич што не се аби
Аирлија аманет од дамна
Абер од грла и од свирки

И биљбиљи песни што на сон пејат
И псалтири со безброј струни звучни
И кимвали ко гром од ведро небо
И дожд од едвај чујни звуци
Од лисјето во хор што нежно шуми
Езгија кожа што ни ежи
Узреваат стихој нови рожби
Утроби со радост што ни полнат

Psalm is on Spotify!

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